Atomic Neon was frounded in 2007 in Essen, Germany by Rio Black, the vocalist and only constant member of the band. That same year the debut EP "Life On Earth" was released on Motor Music and quickly sold out. Their critically acclaimed debut along with a compelling performance on WGT's Agra stage opening for Fields Of The Nephilim in 2008 got Atomic Neon signed onto Black Rain, one of Germany's foremost gothic/industrial labels at the time. In 2009 the first Album "Darkenia" was released. Not least because of the voice of Rio Black paired with the inspired guitar work, Atomic Neon evoked comparisons to The Cure. After extensive touring, including support gigs for such genre-leading acts as Chameleon's Vox, Bollock Brothers, The Birthday Massacre and Fliehende Stürme, and some line-up changes the second album "Change" was released in 2011. That however was followed by a major setback as Atomic Neon's lead guitarist and main composer "Trickser" suddenly died from cancer. His tragic death was not only a setback for Atomic Neon, but also left the other members deeply scarred as he was very popular and a dear friend. Nevertheless in the following years a new line-up was formed and the third album "Down" was recorded and released 2015.

In addition to three full-length studio albums released on Black Rain ("Darkenia" 2009, "Change" 2011 and "Down" 2015) Atomic Neon have issued a number of side-releases on various Indie labels (EP "Life On Earth" 2007, Motor Music; 7'' Vinyl Single "A Desperate Dream" 2011, Plastic Frog; "The Bodanegra Sessions" 2016, Holy Hour Records). These have shown a very different side of Atomic Neon's Music which is more minimalistic, rooted in 1980s Coldwave and atmospheric synth sounds unlike their heavily guitar-driven, elaborate major work.

This diversity, their persisting sincere approach to dark, psychedelic music and numerous well-received live performances throughout Europe have earned Atomic Neon in their ten year anniversary 2017 much respect among fans around the globe.

Atomic Neon Discography:

Atomic Neon Discography:

"Life On Earth" 2007, Motor Music -(e.p.)

"Darkenia"2009, Black Rain

"Change"2011, Black Rain

"A Desperate Dream" 2011, Plastic Frog - (7'' Vinyl Single)

"The Other" 2012, unlabeled (free download e.p.)

"Down"2015, Black Rain

"The Bodanegra Session" 2016, Holy Hour Records

“Remember Me” 2018, Alice In.../Dark Dimensions

Current Line-Up:

Rio Black (vocals)

Adrian (bass)

Paddy Blane (guitar)

Dani Dark (synth)

Friedi (drums)

Robin Böhm (guitar)


For the past 10 years, Atomic Neon have established themselves as a household name among fans of Post-Punk, Wave and Goth-Rock throughout Europe. Though often compared to the likes of The Cure due to the melancholy-laden vocals of singer Rio Black, Atomic Neon have developed their very own remarkably original style based on a variety of influences. Guitar-driven, song-oriented harmonic structures paired with dark atmospheric orchestral soundscapes fit perfectly to the bleak yet passionately poetic lyrics of Rio Black. Full of bittersweet pain, pitch-black and at times beautifully sinister...such is the music of Atomic Neon!


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